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Recognize the Types of Strokes That Attack the Eye

Many people think that a stroke only occurs in the brain. In fact, a stroke can also attack the eye. One of the causes of eye strokes is the blockage of blood vessels leading to the retina. There are several types of strokes that commonly attack the eye, and one of them is central retinal occlusion. Just like a stroke in general, eye strokes are caused by a blockage or rupture of blood vessels leading to the eye. These conditions make the blood supply to the retina reduced, thereby causing interference with vision, even blindness. Getting to know the common types of strokes attacking the eye Based on the location of the blocked blood vessels, eye strokes can be divided into several types, namely: Central retinal occlusion This type of eye stroke occurs due to a blockage in the main blood vessels leading to the eye nerve. These conditions cause the eye nerves to not get blood supply. Most cases of eye strokes due to central retinal occlusion occur unnoticed because they do not
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This is the reason behind the ear hurts during the flu

Aside from nasal congestion, during a cold you may feel ear pain. These conditions can be very disturbing comfort. Actually, what causes ear pain when the flu? Check out the following review. Basically, the nose, throat, and ears are interconnected with one another through a connecting channel called the eustachian tube. Well, because of this connection, interference with one part will affect the other parts. What Causes Ear Pain during the Flu? Flu is one type of upper respiratory tract infection that is often caused by a viral infection. When you have a cold, you may experience complaints, such as runny nose, congestion, fever, joint and bone pain, headaches, and fatigue. In addition, during a cold, you may feel ear pain. Ear pain when the flu occurs because of excessive mucus production in the nose. This mucus can flow into the Eustachian tube which is the link between the nose and ears. As the mucus continues to flow and accumulate, pressure on the middle ear can increase.

Benefits of Celery Leaves and How to Process them

Celery leaves are widely used as a complement to cuisine in Indonesia. Usually the fresh celery leaves are chopped and sprinkled over the cooking. Not only makes food more delicious, the benefits of celery for health are also quite a lot. According to research, celery leaves have a high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are substances that function to reduce body cell damage due to oxidation processes and free radicals. The content of celery leaves, making it widely used as one of the ingredients of making medicines. Various Benefits of Celery Leaves Various studies have been carried out to prove the benefits of celery, including celery seeds, stems and leaves. To understand this further, below are some of the potential health benefits of celery leaves: Reducing blood pressure Based on the results of research, celery extract is believed to help reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. This ingredient can be processed in the form of juice, to supplements. Prevent